How to Play Overwatch Pc With Ps4 Controller

How to Play Overwatch PC With Ps4 Controller?

If you’re a fan of Overwatch and own both a PlayStation 4 and a PC, you might be wondering if you can play the game using your PS4 controller on your computer. How to Play Overwatch PC With Ps4 Controller? The answer is yes! You can use a PS4 controller to play Overwatch on your PC.

Here’s how: 1. Download and install the latest version of DS4Windows. 2. Connect your PS4 controller to your PC using a USB cable or Bluetooth.

3. Launch DS4Windows and select the “Controller” tab. 4. Click “Detect Device” and follow the prompts to complete the installation process. 5. Once installation is complete, launch Overwatch from your Steam Library.

6. In-game, navigate to the “Options” menu and select “Controls”. 7. Select “PS4 Controller” from the drop-down menu under “Controller Type”.

  • Download and install the latest version of DS4Windows
  • Connect your PS4 controller to your PC using a USB cable
  • Launch DS4Windows and click the ‘Controllers’ tab
  • Click ‘Add New Controller’
  • Your PS4 controller should now be listed in the ‘Controllers’ tab
  • Select your PS4 controller from the list and click ‘Configure’
  • 6 In the ‘Configuration’ tab, select ‘Gamepad Mapping’
  • 7 Scroll down and select ‘Overwatch Pc With Ps4 Controller’
  • 8 Click ‘OK’ to save your changes

HOW TO: Play Overwatch, and most new games with PS4 controller!!

How Do I Connect My Ps4 Controller to My Pc Overwatch?

Assuming you would like a tutorial on how to connect your PS4 controller to your PC for the game Overwatch: First, you need to make sure that your controller has batteries. Then, plug in your PS4 controller to your PC via a micro USB cable.

Once it’s plugged in, open up the Settings menu. In the Settings menu, go to Devices and then Bluetooth devices. Your PS4 controller should appear on the list of available devices.

Select it and then press A on the controller. The PS4 controller is now connected wirelessly to your PC!

Can You Play Overwatch on Pc With a Controller?

Yes, you can play Overwatch with a controller on PC. In fact, using a controller can give you some advantages over playing with a mouse and keyboard. For example, controllers have analog sticks that allow for more precise aiming than a mouse does.

Additionally, buttons on a controller are typically mapped to specific actions in game, so you don’t have to worry about memorizing complex key bindings.

Of course, there are some disadvantages to using a controller as well. One is that most first-person shooters rely heavily on mouse aiming, so you may not be as accurate with your shots as you would be with a mouse and keyboard.

Additionally, controllers can’t match the speed and precision of a keyboard when it comes to moving around and performing actions such as reloading or switching weapons.

Can You Overwatch Ps4 to Pc?

Yes, you can Overwatch PS4 to PC provided you have a PlayStation 4 console and a computer with the necessary specifications.

The process is known as cross-play and it allows gamers to connect their consoles and play together online. Cross-play is available on a number of games, but not all of them support it.

To check if a game supports cross-play, you can look up the game’s information on its official website or on the PlayStation website. If the game does support cross-play, then you’ll need to follow these steps: 1) On your PS4, go to Settings > Account Management > Sign In and enter your account details.

2) Go to Settings > Parental Controls/Family Management > Enable Restrictive Mode. This will disable chat features for all users on your console.

3) Now go to Settings > Remote Play Connection Settings > Add Device and enter the code displayed on your TV screen into your computer.

4) Open Overwatch on your computer and log in with your Blizzard account details.

5) From the main menu, select Options > Game Settings. Under Game Mode, select Practice Range.

You should now see an option for Cross-Play Games; select this option and click Done.

6) Invite your friends from the PlayStation Network to join your party by clicking on their name in the Social Menu or by sending them an invite through Battle Tag (for PC). When they accept, they’ll be added to your party in Overwatch.

Can You Play Ps4 Games on Pc With Controller?

Yes, you can play PS4 games on PC with a controller. In order to do this, you will need to connect your PS4 controller to your PC using a USB cable, and then launch the PS4 Remote Play app.

Once the app is open, you will be able to select your PS4 console from the list of available devices and start playing any compatible game.

Controller Not Working on Overwatch PC

If you’re having trouble with your controller not working in Overwatch on PC, there are a few things you can try to troubleshoot the issue.

First, make sure that your controller is properly plugged into your computer. If it’s plugged in and still not working, try unplugging it and plugging it back in.

Next, check to see if there are any updates available for your controller or for Overwatch itself. If there are, be sure to install them as they may fix the issue. If neither of those solutions work, you might need to reset your controller.

To do this, you’ll need to find the reset button on your controller (usually located near the back).

Once you’ve found it, hold down the button for about 10 seconds or until the light on the front of the controller starts blinking. After that, try using your controller again in Overwatch.

If resetting doesn’t work or if you’re still having other issues with your controller, you can always contact Blizzard’s customer support team for further assistance.

Overwatch Pc Ps4 Controller Not Working

If you’re having trouble using a PlayStation 4 controller with Overwatch on PC, you’re not alone. Several players have reported that they are unable to get their Keyboard and Mouse for their PS4 Controller work with the game, and it seems to be a widespread issue. There are a few things you can try to fix this problem.

First, make sure that your controller is properly paired with your PC. If it isn’t, connect it via Bluetooth or USB and try again. If your controller is still not working, try restarting Overwatch.

Sometimes the game doesn’t recognize the controller correctly and a restart is all it takes to fix the problem. If neither of these solutions work, there’s a good chance that there’s an issue with Blizzard’s server connection. Try restarting your router or modem and see if that helps.

If not, wait a while and try again later as the servers may be down for maintenance or updates.

Can You Use a Controller on Overwatch PC

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, everyone can benefit from using a controller when playing Overwatch on PC. Here’s why:

1. You’ll have an easier time aiming.

If you’re not used to using a mouse and keyboard for first-person shooters, it can be difficult to aim accurately. With a controller, you can take advantage of the analog sticks to make small adjustments in your aim, which will help you land those shots more consistently.

2. You’ll be able to move and aim simultaneously.

One of the benefits of using a controller is that you can move and aim at the same time, something that isn’t possible with a mouse and keyboard setup. This can be especially helpful when trying to escape enemy fire or track a moving target. 3. You can use special abilities more easily.

In Overwatch, each character has unique abilities that can be activated with specific button inputs. If you’re trying to use these abilities in the heat of battle, it can be difficult to remember which buttons do what. With a controller, however, you can map these abilities to the paddles on the back of the controller so they’re always within easy reach.


Overwatch is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. It was released in May 2016 for Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game features a diverse cast of heroes, each with their own unique abilities and role in the team.

Players must work together to complete objectives, such as escorting a payload across the map or capturing control points. While Overwatch does not natively support using a PlayStation 4 controller on PC, it is possible to do so using third-party software like DS4Windows. This software allows you to use your PS4 controller on your PC by emulating an Xbox controller.

While this may not be the ideal way to play Overwatch on PC, it can be helpful if you don’t have an Xbox controller or are more comfortable using a PS4 controller.

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