How to Wire Backup Camera to Stay on

How to Wire Backup Camera to Stay on?

How to Wire Backup Camera to Stay on? To wire a backup camera to stay on, connect the camera’s power wire to a 12V power source that is continuously active. This allows the camera to be powered at all times, ensuring it stays on.

Introducing a backup camera to your vehicle can greatly improve your safety and convenience while driving. However, certain situations may require the camera to remain activated even when you’re not in reverse gear. One such scenario is if you wish to use the camera for continuous monitoring while driving or when parked in a crowded area.

By wiring the camera to stay on, you can achieve this functionality. We will explain how to wire your backup camera to remain active by connecting it to a 12V power source that is always on. Following these steps will enable you to keep an eye on your surroundings at all times, enhancing your driving experience.

Step-by-step Guide To Wiring The Backup Camera

1. Locating The Proper Wiring Connections

Begin by locating the appropriate wiring connections in your vehicle. You will need to find the power source and the video wire that connects to the display unit. Refer to your vehicle’s wiring diagram to locate the right wires.

2. Preparing The Wiring Harness

Once you’ve identified the wiring connections, prepare the wiring harness. Strip the insulation from the power wire and the ground wire. Ensure that the wires are of sufficient length to reach the camera from the power source.

3. Connecting The Camera Power Wire

Connect the camera’s power wire to the power source, usually the reverse light. This ensures that the camera is powered on when the vehicle is in reverse. Use a multimeter to test for the correct power source and connect the power wire accordingly.

4. Running The Wiring To The Camera

Next, run the wiring from the power source to the backup camera location. Secure the wiring along the vehicle’s wiring harness to prevent any potential damage. Ensure the wiring is properly insulated and protected from any sharp edges or moving parts.

5. Testing The Wired Camera

With the wiring complete, test the backup camera to ensure it functions as expected. Engage the reverse gear and verify that the camera display activates. Make any necessary adjustments to the wiring connections if the camera does not function as intended.

How to Wire Backup Camera to Stay on?

 A Guide to Wiring Your Backup Camera for Continuous Viewing

Keeping your eyes peeled while driving is crucial, and a backup camera is a valuable tool. But the standard setup only shows the rear view when in reverse. Here’s how to break free and unlock the full potential of your camera:

Disclaimer: Messing with car electrics can be tricky. If you’re uncomfortable, consult a professional installer. 

Method 1: Constant Power

  • Pro: Simple setup, camera stays on all the time.
  • Con: Battery drain, potential distraction.
  1. Identify the Power Wires: Locate the camera’s power wires (usually red and black).
  2. Tap into a Constant Source: Connect the red wire to a constant 12V source like the cigarette lighter socket (use a fuse for safety!). Connect the black wire to a ground point on the car chassis.
  3. Display Magic: Depending on your head unit, you might need to change a setting to display the camera feed continuously.

Method 2: Ignition Triggered

  • Pro: Camera only runs when the engine is on, reducing battery drain.
  • Con: Requires finding the ignition wire in your car.
  1. Locate the Ignition Wire: Consult your car’s manual or use a multimeter to identify the wire that gets 12V only when the engine is running.
  2. Connect and Conquer: Similar to method 1, connect the camera’s power wires to the ignition wire (red) and a ground point (black).

Method 3: Manual Override

  • Pro: Full control, camera stays on only when you want.
  • Con: Requires installing a switch and additional wiring.
  1. Switch It Up: Choose a switch you like and mount it conveniently.
  2. Wire Wizardry: Connect the switch to the camera’s power wire and a constant 12V source. Ground the other side of the switch.

Consider using a dedicated backup camera display instead of relying on your head unit. This often offers more flexibility and features.

Remember to know:

  • Double-check all connections before turning on the power.
  • Secure any loose wires to avoid rattles and damage.
  • Adjust the camera angle for optimal rear visibility.

You can transform your backup camera into a valuable tool for everyday driving, enhancing your awareness and safety on the road.

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Frequently Asked Questions On How To Wire Backup Camera To Stay On

How Do I Make My Backup Camera Stay On?

To make your backup camera stay on, check the settings menu of your vehicle’s infotainment system. Look for options like “Camera Settings” or “Rear View Camera” and ensure the camera is set to remain on while driving. If you can’t find the settings, consult your vehicle’s user manual the manufacturer for guidance.


How Do I Wire My Backup Camera To Always On?

To wire your backup camera to always be on, connect the positive wire from the camera to your vehicle’s constant power source. This will ensure that the camera remains operational at all times, providing continuous video feed. Remember to consult your vehicle’s wiring diagram and use appropriate connectors for a secure connection.


Can I Have My Backup Camera On All The Time?

Yes, you can have your backup camera on all the time for added safety. However, be aware that it may drain your car battery. So, it’s advisable to turn it off when not in use.


How Do I Keep My Rear View Camera On While Driving?

To keep your rear view camera on while driving, locate the camera’s power source in your vehicle’s wiring system. Tap into that power source using a fuse tap or a wire splice. This will provide constant power to your camera, allowing it to stay on while you drive.


How Can I Wire A Backup Camera To Stay On?

To wire a backup camera to stay on, you can connect it to a constant power source or use a separate switch for the camera.


What Are The Benefits Of Having A Backup Camera?

Having a backup camera increases safety, reduces accidents, provides better visibility, and makes parking easier.


Last Word

In short, wiring your backup camera to stay on can provide added safety and convenience for your vehicle. By following the steps outlined in this post, you can easily accomplish this task. With the camera always on, you’ll have better visibility and peace of mind when reversing. Don’t hesitate to make this simple upgrade to your vehicle today.

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